Thanks for stopping by Karen-Cook.com. I am a web and graphic designer with a passion for perfection and a trained eye for concept, function and design aesthetics. I offer over 15 years experience, specializing in graphic design, front end web design, HTML, CSS, logo design, branding, and email marketing. I work with and not against my clients. I am patient and listen to my clients and their business needs. I can offer advice or guidance as well as take specific direction ensuring that the outcome of my client's project is a success, not just a paycheck.

I would describe my work ethic with several words: Passion, Inspiration, Creativity and Motivation. I would be a great asset to any design team. I possess the creativity and drive that it takes to complete any project from concept to publication. Inspiration comes easy for me and with that, the planning and design of any project becomes a sensation time and time again.

Inspiratoin = Sensation
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